eHAT Onco

eHAT Onco is a mix of Oncology EHR, an application that handles entire Chemotherapy Management, TNM & Group Staging, Advanced Practice Management, Patient Engagement Platform, Hospital Information Management and a predictive cancer Analytics platform.

EhatOnco is an entirely web-based electronic medical record (EMR) platform for oncologiests. Oncology is an under-served specialty, with few EMR software vendors willing to take on the challenge of addressing the complex dosage management requirements in oncology.

EhatOnco provides critical oncology EMR functionality, such as managing chemotherapy protocols, managing all clinical records, electronic & automated prescribing, clinical benchmarking, SOAP, doctor visit notes, multiple staging & assessments and many more. It also comes with the patient portal for appointment booking and viewing & managing patient’s health records.


ParSight is a robust technology platform with great analytical capabilities to access and explore structured and unstructured cancer data. ParSight reads, mines and analyzes multiple data systems and repositories, access complete clinical and patient information and allow the physicians to apply the right information. It enables oncologists to discover similar patterns, find insights to take next steps, make more informed decisions and ultimately improve the quality of cancer care. It provides the means and necessary information to the physicians and enables them to adapt treatment and care delivery pathway to each patient. With its deep analytical capabilities and interoperable health information system technology, ParSight enables better decision-making at every point along the care continuum.